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Find out more about our online certification courses and postgraduate units in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) teaching and network automation.

Software-defined networking

The last decade has witnessed a phenomenal growth in Industrial IoT applications and autonomous systems. This growth has resulted in a paradigm shift in the networking domain. As a networking professional, it is essential to understand how traditional networking has evolved into SDN. The goal of this course is to explain how networking automation has completely transformed the networking landscape.

The key learning objectives of this course are as follows:

  • to understand the evolution of networking from closed-loop traditional networking to SDN
  • to implement virtualization in SDN
  • to develop network programmability
  • to evaluate how SDN/NFV benefit Industrial IoT systems
  • to apply innovations in network automation and IBN

SDN access security

With our research focus on security, particularly on security challenges in operational technology in Industrial IoT applications, we align teaching with research at C4N and offer an online certification course on SDN Access Security. The course will enable networking professionals to learn about challenges relevant to edge security for Software Defined Internet of Things systems.

SDN deployment

In this advanced course, a learner can use the knowledge and basic skills acquired in the fundamental SDN course and apply these skills for a large-scale network. The aim of this course is to demonstrate concepts in Cisco DNA and equip a learner with core skills required for large-scale network automation using IBN.

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